Criminal Law

Vogel Law Firm’s criminal law attorneys focus on the vigorous defense of our clients’ rights when charged with a crime.  We provide a wide range of services to clients in North Dakota and Minnesota in both federal and state courts. Our attorneys counsel clients in all types of criminal cases.

We represent clients in cases involving all types of felonies and misdemeanors, including everything from drug crimes to white-collar crime and fraud. We offer counsel during all stages of criminal proceedings, including pre-charge investigation and consultation, post-conviction relief, civil forfeiture issues, and pardon and parole issues.

We defend clients in Traffic and DUI Cases in North Dakota, and in Traffic and DWI Cases in Minnesota, including both administrative and criminal proceedings.

Additionally, we counsel and represent clients in all other types of criminal, quasi-criminal and related civil matters including those involving or related to: licensing issues with professional and occupational boards, game and fish administrative matters, driver’s license and traffic law issues, and firearm issues.

Vogel Law Firm’s criminal law attorneys are skilled and experienced trial attorneys. Our mission is to understand our clients’ needs and to provide them with the full protection of the law. 

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