Family and Domestic Law

Vogel Law Firm’s family and domestic law attorneys have extensive experience representing clients though the complicated and emotional issues surrounding family and domestic matters, including complex divorces and custody issues. Vogel Law Firm’s family and domestic law attorneys are skilled trial attorneys who represent clients in state and federal courts throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Our mission is to understand our clients’ needs, and to provide them with the full protection of the law. 

Divorce and Separation. We counsel clients with respect to all issues surrounding divorce and separation, including child custody, child support and visitation, spousal support, alimony, and maintenance, and grandparents’ rights.

Protective Orders. We advise clients who have suffered domestic abuse and assist in all steps necessary to obtain court orders for the protection of our clients and their families. 

Family Matters. We provide services for adoption, paternity, change of name, and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

Mediation Services. Many of Vogel Law Firm’s family and domestic law attorneys are qualified mediators with a history of successfully engaging both sides of a case to resolve disputed issues before they reach the courthouse.

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