Immigration Law

When immigration benefits are needed to support the talent recruited to an organization or to achieve family immigration needs, Vogel Law Firm can help.  We serve clients throughout the United States.

Our services include visa petitions, employer compliance and citizenship.  U.S. immigration requirements are complex.  We attain immigration benefits through strategic planning and timely case preparation.  We successfully take on complex, discretionary cases and achieve positive results.

 We serve Physicians, Scientists, IT Professionals, Educators, Businesses, Investors, Families and Temporary workers.

 Our knowledge and experience allows us to plan for several different immigration benefit matters, including:

  • J-1 waivers through state and federal agencies, including the Conrad State 30 Program:  For foreign nationals subject to the two-year home country residence requirement, we obtained J-l waivers of the two-year requirement or, alternatively, qualified foreign nationals for other appropriate nonimmigrant status.
  • Maximum time reached in H-IB status:  When unable to extend H-1B status for a foreign national beyond the six-year limit, we have found another appropriate nonimmigrant category as well as file an immigrant petition for the foreign national to secure employment authorization.
  • PERM Labor Certification obtained after audit:  Through careful preparation and documentation, the Department of Labor certified applications after comprehensive review of the created audit file.
  • Referrals to overcome USCIS Request for Evidence and Notice of Intent to Deny.

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