Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

Vogel Law Firm has experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys who are available to discuss your case, free of charge and without obligation, day or night.  Consultations can take place in person, at any location, or over the phone. All meetings are completely confidential.

Vogel Law Firm has handled auto accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death cases, personal injury accidents, motorcycle accidents, product liability cases, oil rig accidents, burn and explosion accidents, and other types of personal injury and wrongful death cases.


It is our belief that not all law firms are created equal. While searching for the right law firm we believe it is important to consider the following in making your decision:

To choose a firm with the experience you need, with a history of successfully representing the injured, with honor and ethics and one that does not engage in improper personal solicitation (by mail, phone or otherwise). A firm that understands a client’s personal need to be kept well informed while their case is pending, and recognizes the benefits of co-counseling certain types of cases to obtain the best results for their client.

Vogel Law Firm was founded in 1880 in Fargo, ND, and has successfully represented thousands of clients over the years.  While we cannot guarantee every case will be successful, we can guarantee you will be treated with respect by our attorneys and staff while your case is pending.  In fact, we hope to remain in touch with you long after your case has concluded.

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