Where You Are More Than Just A Client,


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Where You Are More Than Just A Client,


Where You Are More Than Just A Client,


A Prestigious Law Firm Serving North & South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana

Results Start With Vogel Law Firm

Vogel Law Firm is a prestigious law firm serving a wide range of clientele in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Montana. Our lawyers deliver quality representation and proven results.

How We Can Help

Vogel Law Firm is one of the oldest continuing law firms in North Dakota with more than 45 attorneys in diverse practices. Very few problems arise that have not been encountered previously. For businesses and individuals alike, we offer an unrivaled breadth of knowledge and services to our clients. We provide proven representation and peace of mind for the most important issues to you or your business.

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Excellence And Integrity In An Atmosphere Of
Respect And Cooperation

Our Values
Are Our Foundation

Vogel Law Firm exemplifies its core values:

  • Courageous: We represent clients in difficult cases. Our team creatively seeks the best solution for your legal issue.
  • Knowledgeable: Our attorneys’ depth and breadth of knowledge covers more than 20 practice areas and spans generations. Trust Vogel Law Firm to handle the legal complexities of individuals, families and businesses.
  • Experienced: Our long-standing history in the local communities we serve dates back to the 1800s.
  • Effective: Our reputation for strategic and calculated approaches to problem-solving sets us apart.

Attorney Spotlight

KrisAnn Norby-Jahner

Serving as legal counsel to employers, school districts, universities and individuals, attorney Norby-Jahner has deep-rooted connections with the community. She advises in a variety of workplace and business-related issues which can be litigation or transactional matters. In her education law practice, she works closely with school districts and universities to ensure they follow local, state and federal regulations. As a former university professor, she has a unique perspective and approach on all concerns related to education.

Drew J. Hushka

Attorney Hushka is a multitalented litigator. Offering a compassionate approach and compelling strategies, he represents clients in bankruptcy and collections matters. In addition, he defends those facing a variety of criminal charges from DWIs to violent crimes. Finally, attorney Hushka provides guidance to those facing commercial law issues. He strongly believes that everyone deserves a voice and opportunity to be heard, and he is proud to be that voice.

Quality Attorneys. Quality Care.

Ultimately, we measure our success in terms of how we improve the lives of our clients.
We never forget that the most important part in any legal matter is the people involved.

“I had an amazingly wonderful experience at Vogel law firm. I have absolutely nothing but good to say about my experience there…”
– Sonnel Esprit

“Professional, friendly and down to earth.”– David Boelke

“Vogel Law answered my questions regarding copyright quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Not a second was wasted and their staff was nothing short of phenomenal. If you are looking for the best litigation you can get, Vogel Law is where you need to be.”

– Mason Sattler