Health Care Law
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Health Care Law

Vogel Law Firm‘s health care law attorneys have the breadth and depth of experience necessary to serve the needs of rural clinics and large providers alike. We take pride in providing counsel to physicians, administrators, nurses, dentists, psychologists and other health care professionals.

Our firm provides counsel for clients regarding:

  • Litigation: We represent and defend our clients against professional malpractice claims and medical board review proceedings and other administrative and governmental hearings.
  • Contracts: We assist in the drafting and negotiation of physician contracts and other employment agreements, medical equipment contracts, computer hardware and licensing agreements, and contracts between health care facilities or with ancillary service providers.
  • Employment and personnel issues: We routinely advise and represent health care industry clients regarding regulatory issues including HIPAA and EMTALA, fraud and abuse claims, Stark, anti-kickback, safe harbors, and False Claims Act laws; issues of reimbursement, including Medicare and Medicaid credentialing, licensing requirements, drafting and explaining medical staff bylaws and actions regarding provider privileges, employer risk management, risk analysis and risk prevention, and issues regarding the release of confidential and privileged medical information.
  • Management: We counsel our clients on legislative drafting, lobbying and testifying before legislative bodies, issues related to National Practitioner Data Bank reporting, immigration services for physicians or another hospital and medical staff, and mandatory reporting requirements to law enforcement agencies, public health bodies, and manufacturers of medical devices.
  • Business planning and development: We assist our clients on all aspects of health care financing, medical group consolidations, mergers and acquisitions, board administration and corporate governance, real estate transactions, and the acquisition and maintenance of nonprofit status.