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Vogel Law Firm‘s litigation attorneys represent all types of individuals, businesses, and industries and their insurance carriers. Vogel Law Firm‘s litigators’ broad experience in complex insurance and litigation matters makes us an asset for clients needing to resolve disputes. For more than a century, Vogel Law Firm‘s attorneys actively and successfully served our clients. Our future is tied to their success.

We routinely represent clients in the following:

  • Insurance third-party liability defense: We represent clients in all types of serious motor vehicle, commercial vehicle, household and business liability claims.
  • Direct representation of insurance companies: We advise clients on first-party insurance matters such as no-fault, uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, and regularly represent insurers on coverage issues.
  • Products liability litigation: We advise clients on all matters related to consumer and industrial product defect issues, including medical products, asbestos and silica.
  • Professional liability litigation: We represent clients, and their carriers, in the context of malpractice and negligence claims made against them in their professional capacity as physicians, dentists and medical providers.
  • Environmental law: We counsel carriers regarding insurance coverage issues and directly represent businesses regarding release of toxic substance claims and toxic spills and contamination.
  • Agricultural litigation: Vogel Law Firm‘s attorneys defend claims regarding agricultural products, agricultural production loss and disease, veterinarian liability, and premises liability.
  • Fire and explosion loss claims and investigations: We represent and counsel our clients regarding all aspects of insurance subrogation practice and defense of fire, explosion and other casualty claims.
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