DWI In Minnesota

Being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving is a scary experience. Whether the breathalyzer results showed that your blood alcohol content (BAC) was .08 or above or you refused the breathalyzer, you most likely were arrested for driving while impaired (DWI).

If you have been arrested and charged with DWI, you do not have to merely accept the consequences. At Vogel Law, our lawyers are highly skilled at defending clients in DWI and other criminal cases throughout Minnesota. We work tirelessly to see that your rights are protected.

The Different Components Of A DWI Case

DWI cases in Minnesota have a civil component and a criminal component. These different parts of the case are described below:

  • Civil DWI: The civil component of the case is the implied consent hearing. After the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has revoked, canceled or suspended your Minnesota driving privileges, this is the proceeding in which you can contest the legitimacy of that revocation, suspension or cancellation.
  • Criminal DWI: The criminal component of the case can result in a criminal record, jail time, fines and court costs.

In addition to these two components, there may be other impacts on your life if you carry a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or you are under the age of 21.

Consequences For A DWI Conviction

It is important to know what types of punishments you are facing if you are convicted of a DWI charge.

  • For first-time offenders, the consequences are lighter, including the loss of your driver’s license for 90 days, up to 90 days in jail and a monetary fine of up to $1,000.
  • If you are charged with a subsequent DWI within 10 years of your first, the consequences are enhanced, with additional jail time, fines and license suspension or revocation.
  • The more serious the situation, the more serious the punishments. If someone else was injured due to your drunk driving, you may be charged with a felony DWI, which carries mandatory jail time and fines.

Since the consequences of a DWI conviction are very severe, it is essential that you have a lawyer on your side who can fight the charges, work with the prosecution and see that the charges are reduced or dismissed whenever possible.

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