Working in the agriculture industry is good, honest work that provides for the community around it. It’s essential to our national economy and offers many jobs for those who seek a career in it. But it does have its fair share of dangers. Providing for a community means that the daily workload required is large. And because of production requirements, the agriculture industry is dominated by machinery.

The industrial horsepower that drives the agriculture industry only improves year to year. From the classic staple of the tractor to more heavy-duty machinery, this literal down to earth profession works hand-in-glove with its machine companions. Problem is, the companionship of man and machine can lead to issues. Farming already has its fair share of danger. But despite the enhanced productivity that machinery brings, it comes with a multitude of risks.

Commonly used farm equipment that can cause injuries

Tractors: Tractors often must navigate uneven terrain, from ditches to sloping areas. Even seasoned tractor operators might think that they can easily pilot a tractor through unsafe terrain with their years of experience. However, with a tractor’s heavyset nature, all it takes is a little mistake in a quick moment to make a tractor overturn. Though rollover protective structures are being more commonplace, many old tractors do not have them despite widespread industry knowledge this older equipment is still in use.

Heavy grade machinery: The difficulty with heavy grade machinery is that sometimes safety precautions lose out to functionality. If total injury prevention devices were in place, the machines wouldn’t be able to do their jobs. Yet still, farmers must use them in order to meet production demands.

Since heavy amounts of production often rely on quick machinery and moving parts such as power take offs, there is a very small time window in which to realize that an injury in oncoming. And oftentimes, that it is not enough time.

With the high level of production expected out of some farms, human hands must often come into contact with high powered machinery. While the two work in tandem to get a significantly larger workload accomplished, the consequences can be immense. An error can not only set back the work, but potentially cause severe injury or even bring about death. Farming is a family business and an injury or death of a family member not only causes a loss to the injured party, but also impacts other family members who must continue the work while caring for the injured party or work while grieving. And all it takes is a small mistake in routine day of work. After suffering an injury in the agriculture industry, reach out to a legal professional at the Vogel Law Firm for guidance.