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Representation Throughout Minnesota And Beyond

When you call the Vogel Law Firm, we can help you with a variety of legal matters, ranging from insurance litigation and personal injury to shareholder disputes and unfulfilled contracts. We have expanded our scope of practice over the years to better serve our friends and neighbors in Minneapolis. As a result, we have an in-depth understanding in various areas of the law, which makes us a great asset to our clients.

Our growth has also allowed us to provide stellar customer service to more people, and we are now one of the biggest law firms in the tri-state area. However, we still provide the same level of care and attention to each client who comes to us for help.

While we handle a variety of case types, our primary practice areas include:

Personal Injury

It can be devastating to experience a serious injury because of another person’s negligence. Our Minneapolis personal injury lawyers know what it takes to help you assess the overall impact of the other party’s carelessness on your physical health, finances, work and personal life, and we may be able to help you obtain fair compensation in your case.

We have successfully handled various kinds of personal injury claims, including those that involve:

We are experienced negotiators and have skillfully helped many clients reach personal injury settlements without ever going to court. When you bring your claim to us, rest assured that we are chiefly concerned with protecting your best interests and will work to secure a positive outcome as quickly as possible.

Criminal Defense

Much like a serious injury, criminal charges can ruin your life and have devastating effects on all aspects of your life, including your family, social life, work and finances. Being convicted of a crime can put you in jail, cost you thousands of dollars in fines, force you out of your job, affect your standing in family law proceedings, and more — but we can help you protect yourself.

Our Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys handle cases involving:

  • Assault
  • Drug offenses
  • Felony offenses
  • Misdemeanor offenses
  • Sexual offenses
  • Theft crimes
  • White collar crimes

Be advised that going in without representation is not an option if you hope to achieve a positive outcome in your case, even if you are not guilty of the crimes of which you are accused. At the Vogel Law Firm, we are well-acquainted with federal and Minnesota criminal laws and have the skill necessary to craft a strong defense and help protect your rights throughout your criminal proceedings.

Commercial Litigation

We also provide legal counsel and representation for individuals and business owners in Minneapolis who face conflicts involving:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Commercial transactions and securities
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Lender liability
  • Products liability
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Shareholder disputes

Additional Practice Areas

Our Minneapolis attorneys may also be able to help if you need assistance regarding any of the following:

Call 866-771-9930 or fill out our online contact form to connect with a member of our team at the Vogel Law Firm.

Vogel Law Firm
7300 West 147th Street,
Suite 304
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Telephone: 866-771-9930

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