Practice Areas

  • ADR and Mediation Group
    • ADR and Mediation Group

      Vogel Law Firm provides mediation services to lawyers, law firms, corporate and individual clients who seek to utilize the ADR/Mediation Group's legal knowledge and practical experience in mediation.

         · Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - A process by which a third party neutral acts as a facilitator to assist in resolving a dispute between two or more parties.v
         · Mediation - Involves negotiation with a third-party neutral who facilitates discussions with the goal of resolving and settling a dispute

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  • Agriculture and Cooperatives Law
    • Agriculture and Cooperatives Law

      Vogel Law Firm's Agricultural and Cooperative Practice Group is comprised of lawyers representing the interests of farm organizations, cooperatives, family farmers, processing/marketing businesses and rural development projects. Our mission is to understand our clients' businesses, understand their needs and provide them with practical advice in a cost effective manner.

         · Value added processing enterprises: durum, wheat, beef, pork, specialty meats, rhubarb, organic grains, potatoes, grass seed, niger thistle, ethanol, oats, specialty oilseeds and strawboard.
         · Production agriculture including farrowing units, beef feedlots, dairy farms and grazing associations.

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  • Bankruptcy and Collections
    • Bankruptcy and Collections

      Vogel Law Firm's Bankruptcy and Collections Practice Group provides comprehensive services in this specialized area of the law. Among the services we provide are:

         · Advocacy of creditor and debtor rights in liquidation or reorganization bankruptcy proceedings.
         · State and Tribal Court Replevin and Claim and Delivery Proceedings.
         · Fraudulent Transfer Claims.
         · Secured Creditor Priority Disputes.
         · Collateral Tracing and Conversion Claims.
         · Representation in Collection Proceedings relating to contract or account debts.

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  • Business and Corporate Law
    • Business and Corporate Law

      Vogel Law Firm has a team of commercial lawyers specializing in the organization and reorganization of businesses. We have served, and continue to serve, the needs of both sole proprietors and family-owned businesses, but we represent multi-national corporations as well. We provide prompt, efficient and practical advice for business organizations.

         · Organization of business entities including corporations, general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships.
         · Representation of purchasers and sellers of businesses.
         · Corporate spin-offs.
         · Tax-free reorganizations including statutory mergers and stock for stock transactions.

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  • Commercial Litigation
    • Commercial Litigation

      Vogel Law Firm’s commercial litigation practice extends from representing small family-owned businesses to multi-national corporations, insurance companies, utilities, communication companies, and agri-related businesses, including farmers' production and service cooperatives and custom farm grower organization.

         · Prosecution and defense of breach of contract, contract interpretation and contract reformation actions
         · Lender liability
         · Shareholder litigation, proxy fights, take-overs, securities and tender offers
         · Products liability and warranty claims
         · Replevin and debt collection
         · Mortgage foreclosures

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  • Commercial Transactions and Securities
    • Commercial Transactions and Securities

      Our Commercial Transactions and Securities Group consists of highly trained lawyers who have broad experience and expertise in providing clients with custom-designed and specialized legal services to meet most any need with utmost discretion and confidentiality.

         · Financing and UCC documentation, including loan agreements, promissory notes, debt instruments, mortgages, security agreements and financing statements.
         · Real estate acquisitions, tax-free exchanges, buy-backs, leases, licenses, easements and developments.
         · Capital formation, including financing as well as securities and franchise offerings, regulation and registration.

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  • Construction Law
    • Construction Law

      Our experience in construction law, as well as knowledge of construction contracts, plans, and specifications, allow them to get right to the meat of disputes and problems.

         · Contractors and Subcontractors. This involves all forms of representation, including negotiation of contracts, bidding disputes, construction defect claims, dealing with problems between subcontractors and general contractors, suppliers, bond claims and claims for additional compensation.
         · Owners. This includes representation of owners as they negotiate construction contracts with architects, engineers and contractors, and problem resolution, either by negotiation, arbitration, or litigation on problems arising during the course of, or following, construction.

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  • Criminal Law
    • Criminal Law

      The Criminal Law Practice Group provides a wide range of services to clients on criminal law-related matters in federal and state courts.

         · All Felonies, Including Drug and “White Collar” Crimes.
         · All Misdemeanors.
         · All Traffic and DUI Cases in North Dakota.
         · All Traffic and DWI Cases in Minnesota.
         · All Quasi-criminal Matters, Including Licensing Issues with Professional and Occupational Boards, Game and Fish Administrative Matters, and Drivers License Issues.
         · Farm Fraud, and all aspects relating to the Federal Farm Programs and their enforcements.
         · All Civil Forfeiture Issues.
         · Pardon & Parole Issues.

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  • Domestic and Family Law
    • Domestic & Family Law

      Vogel Law Firm's Domestic and Family Law Practice Group provides a wide range of services to clients on domestic matters, including complex divorce and custody issues.

         · Divorce and Separation.
         · Child Custody.
         · Child Support/Visitation.
         · Spousal Support/Alimony/Maintenance.
         · Domestic Abuse Orders.
         · Adoption.
         · Paternity.
         · Mediation Services.
         · Grandparents' Rights.
         · Name Changes.
         · Prenuptial Agreements.
         · Appellate Work.
         · Guardianship and Conservatorship.

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  • Environmental, Water Law and Land Use
    • Environmental Law

      Our attorneys actively counsel clients on corporate and regulatory issues, as well as litigate environmental tort, pollution and water law claims in North Dakota, Minnesota State, and federal courts.

         · Consultation on Phase I and Phase II analysis for buyers and sellers of contaminated property.
         · Tort litigation, including that arising from lead paint, mold, asbestos, chemical spills, landfills and leaking underground and aboveground storage tanks.
         · Interstate, intrastate and international water rights disputes.
         · NEPA and Environmental Impact Statement consultation and litigation.
         · Flooding and dike disputes amongst landowners.

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  • Estate Planning and Probate
    • Estate Planning and Probate

      For many years, the Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Practice Group has helped a wide variety of clients in North Dakota and Minnesota with solutions to their estate planning concerns and problems.

         · Standard estate planning services for smaller estates, including preparation of simple wills and children’s trusts and general advice concerning the ownership and transfer of property.
         · Estate planning for complex larger estates, including preparation of complex wills and trust agreements, tax planning advice, implementing probate avoidance techniques, initiation of gifting programs and rearrangement of property ownership and beneficiary designations to achieve estate planning goals at the lowest possible tax cost.

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  • Health Care Law
    • Health Care Law

      Vogel Law Firm has long provided legal services to those in the health care field, from clinics and hospitals that are among the largest in the state, to long-term care facilities, small group practices, and solo practitioners.

         · Physician contracts and other employment agreements
         · Medical equipment contracts and computer hardware and licensing agreements
         · Copyright and other intellectual property issues
         · Contracts between health care facilities or with ancillary service providers
         · Employment and personnel issues
         · Regulatory issues including HIPAA and EMTALA

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  • Immigration Law
    • Immigration Law

      When immigration benefits are needed to support the talent recruited to an organization or to achieve family immigration needs, Vogel Law Firm can help. We serve clients throughout the United States.

      Our expertise includes visa petitions, employer compliance and citizenship. U.S. immigration requirements are complex. We attain immigration benefits through strategic planning and timely case preparation. We successfully take on complex, discretionary cases and achieve positive results.

         · J-1 waivers through state and federal agencies, including the Conrad State 30 Program.
         · Maximum time reached in H-IB status.
         · PERM Labor Certification obtained after audit.

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  • Intellectual Property
    • Intellectual Property

      The Intellectual Property group at Vogel Law Firm provides client consultation, licensing, enforcement and litigation services on behalf of a diverse group of clients on intellectual property issues, including trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, trade secrets and internet law issues.

      We provide representation in cases involving claims of:

         ·Unfair Competition
         ·Trade Secret Protection
         ·Trademark Infringement
         ·Copyright Infringement
         ·Patent Infringement

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  • Labor and Employment Law
    • Labor and Employment Law

      Vogel Law Firm’s labor and employment attorneys provide comprehensive services in this technical area of the law. Our attorneys routinely appear before all federal and state agencies in North Dakota and Minnesota and represent a variety of businesses and industries.

         · Discrimination. EEO claims, sexual harassment, age, race, religion and disability claims before governmental agencies and in the courts.
         · Employee Benefits. Employee welfare and benefit plans and practices.
         · Regulatory Compliance. Workers Comp, Unemployment, and OSHA.
         · Labor Union Disputes. NLRB petitions and elections, unfair labor practices, arbitration and collective bargaining agreements.

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  • Legislative and Government Relations Group
    • Legislative and Government Law

      Vogel Law Firm represents businesses, industry trade associations and individuals in pursuing their legislative and public policy goals. The Legislative and Government Relations Group seeks to help clients resolve their problems and achieve their objectives through interaction with the legislative and executive branches of government. In short, the firm believes that representing clients in the statehouse is just as important as representing them in the courthouse.

         · Trade Association Leadership, Management And Policy
         · Advising On Government Policy At The Highest Levels
         · Actively Litigating The Interpretation Of Legislative Statutes In Judicial Proceedings.

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  • Oil, Gas and Energy Law
    • Oil, Gas and Energy Law

      Vogel Law Firm routinely represent the interests of oil and gas exploration companies, oil service businesses, ethanol producers, bio-diesel fuel producers, surface landowners, mineral interest owners, and landowners negotiating wind development easements.

         · Oil and gas partnership litigation
         · Oil and gas mineral and surface leasing
         · Estate planning with mineral interests
         · Mineral trusts
         · Dormant Mineral Act actions
         · Regulatory and administrative matters for oil companies before the Industrial Commission
         · Quieting title and other curative title work for mineral interests

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  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims
    • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

      Vogel Law Firm's Plaintiffs' Practice Group handles a wide range of claims on behalf of injured parties and their families. We provide legal representation in the following types of cases:

         · Auto Accidents
         · Wrongful Death
         · Head/Brain Injuries
         · Personal Injuries
         · Burn Injuries
         · Defective Products
         · Farming Accidents
         · Boating/Aviation/Motorcycle Accidents
         · Dog Bites
         · Railroad Accidents

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      Wrongful Death Claims

  • Product Liability
    • Product Liability

      Vogel Law Firm’s attorneys have handled many prominent and groundbreaking product liability cases in the tri-state area, at both trial and appellate levels, throughout the firm’s history. We routinely represent clients with respect to product liability claims involving:

         · Industrial and Construction Equipment
         · Motor Vehicles
         · Farm Machinery
         · Medical Devices
         · Asbestos Exposure
         · Durable Consumer Products

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  • Professional Liability
    • Professional Liability

      One of the many practice areas of Vogel Law Firm is the defense of malpractice cases. This group of lawyers has achieved a remarkable record defending hundreds of malpractice lawsuits for more than 70 years.

         · Medical: We represent physicians, local and regional medical centers and allied health care professionals.
         · Legal: We represent lawyers and law firms in all types of malpractices cases and disciplinary proceedings.
         · Accountants, Architects and Engineers: We represent many firms and their insurance carriers who get involved in these types of professional disputes.
         · Other Professionals: Our experience includes defense of insurance agents and brokers, realtors, securities brokers and dealers and corporate directors and officers.

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  • Real Estate Law
    • Real Estate Law

      The Real Estate Practice Group at Vogel Law Firm has the capacity to answer all real estate questions and provide both experienced and quick responses to your real estate needs. Types of real estate matters we regularly assist clients with include the following:

         · Purchase/Sales Transactions
         · Leasing
         · Mortgage Financing
         · Development/Construction
         · Eminent Domain/Condemnation
         · Mortgage Foreclosure and Workouts
         · Environmental Matters
         · Real Estate Litigation
         · Wind Tower Leases

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  • Tort and Insurance Litigation
    • Tort and Insurance Litigation

      Vogel Law Firm's tort and insurance litigation practice has traditionally been one of our strongest and best known.

         · Insurance third party liability defense
         · Direct representation of insurance companies
         · Products liability litigation
         · Lender liability
         · Railroad liability
         · Environmental law
         · Professional liability defense
         · Agricultural litigation
         · Fire and explosion loss claims and investigations

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