We previously reported to you that a bill pending before the North Dakota legislature that would have prohibited most employers from enacting mandatory COVID vaccine policies. House Bill 1301 would also have provided immunity to employers from most COVID-19 lawsuits.  The House on a 77 to 15 vote resoundingly defeated HB 1301.  As a result, employers may still consider mandatory policies, provided they comply with federal law.  The issue of immunity for COVID-19 claims is, however, still pending before the legislature in a separate bill, HB 1175.

Stay tuned . . . Debate is brewing on the issue of paid family medical leave in North Dakota.  While HB 1441, introduced by Democratic representatives, would create and partially fund a voluntary paid family medical leave program, HB 1398, introduced by Republican representatives, would prohibit local political subdivisions from creating mandatory family leave programs.

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