What Is A Contingency Fee?

In the 33 years I have exclusively represented accident victims and their families in personal injury and wrongful death cases, every client has expressed a passing understanding of a contingency fee.  With this type of fee, the law firm retains a percentage of the recovery in exchange for legal services. It has been sometimes described as “pay when you win” versus hiring an attorney on an hourly basis or “pay as you go.” If there is no recovery, under a contingency fee agreement, my clients do not owe me anything for the work I have done on their behalf.  

With our record of success, our Personal Injury Attorneys universally accept clients on a contingency fee basis and are quite happy to “put our money where our mouth is.” If you become our client, you will owe us nothing unless we obtain a financial recovery for you.  

Circumstantially, an individual who has been injured often is not able to work.  Also, a family who has lost a loved one, in addition to the immeasurable grief suffered, has often lost someone who contributed financially to the bottom line. These scenarios do not offer many people the luxury of paying an attorney by the hour to lock horns with an insurance carrier over who is responsible for their loss and “how much” would be owed as fair compensation. The scenarios of those with deep pockets versus those who have suffered a loss and resulting financial hardship have repeated themselves for hundreds of years and represent the reason why contingency fees came into being.  

Many historians believe the contingency fee arose in the late 1800’s in Europe and that it was in place during the time our American legal system (with its guarantee that everyone will have access to our courts) was developing.  Abraham Lincoln himself accepted cases on a contingency fee basis while practicing law in Illinois prior to becoming president.  Today, most provinces in Canada and the countries of Scotland, Ireland, France, New Zealand, Greece, and Australia have all adopted some version of the contingency fee.  

Uncertainty about the outcome of a personal injury or wrongful death dispute, uncertainty about what amount of money would be fair compensation for the loss, and uncertainty about the period of time that will pass before a final resolution are all common factors in every case we accept. When our Personal Injury Attorneys accept a case on a contingency fee basis, we make a promise to aggressively pursue the case on behalf of our clients, with no guarantee of a fee paid to our firm. We are proud to do so and are proud of our record of success for those individuals and families we have represented in the past.  

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