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Proper Tires Can Save Lives

It’s that time of year again when we start our day reading and hearing about the previous day’s collisions, injuries, and deaths. Most recently we have read:

“5-year-old killed in rollover crash”

“Passenger injured in rollover on I-29”

“Driver killed in pickup rollover crash on I-94”

The common cause for these accidents is the seasonal change in road conditions from “dry” and “clear” to roads packed with snow and ice due to snowfalls and freezing temperatures. The change in road conditions causes vehicles to lose traction and spin out of control and to take longer to stop.

The best thing a vehicle owner can do to prevent a winter-time accident is the use of proper tires, preferably a tire designed for winter driving. Winter tires that enhance traction and stopping distances under snowy and icy conditions will vastly improve your safety as a vehicle operator.

Because your tires are the only thing on your vehicle that touch the road, they should be considered your vehicle’s single most important safety feature. Make sure your tires are in good working condition. For starters, you should check the tire tread every time you get your oil changed and check the tire pressure every time you fill-up with gas. Rotate your tires to maintain an even tread-life.

Without a good set of tires, the operator will lose grip on the roadway and be more likely to slip and skid which can cause dangerous accidents and catastrophic results. A good tire tread is needed to maintain proper handling on the road surface and is vitally important to controlling the direction of and ability to stop your vehicle. Your tire’s tread is how your vehicle “grips the road” and a tire that can’t hold onto the road will inevitably cause you to slide, rollover, or collide with other vehicles.

Today, many vehicles have computer monitors that alert the operator to low tire pressure. While it may be a common annoyance that “low tire pressure” warnings are triggered after a vehicle sits outside at night during a change in temperature, the warning should not be ignored. If you are involved in a serious crash where injury or death results, an ignored tire-pressure warning will be discovered and used to show how it was a factor in causing an accident.

Stay safe this winter and protect yourself and those you love by using a proper tire when driving; preferably a good winter tire.

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