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About Us

Vogel Law Firm traces its roots back more than 130 years and currently holds the distinction as one of the largest law firms in North Dakota. Our attorneys actively engage in the communities we serve, maintaining offices in Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks, Moorhead and Minneapolis. With technological advances, we provide personal service to clients anywhere using video conferencing for face-to-face conferences.

More Than 45 Lawyers Strong

Our distinguished team of attorneys provides full-service representation for the full scope of legal issues affecting individuals and businesses in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Montana. We encourage attorneys to develop niche practices and provide specialized services for our clients.

Learn more about the individual members of our team by clicking on the names below:

Combining Proven Experience With Cutting-Edge Technology

Our lawyers, paralegals and other professionals do everything in their power to provide efficient representation that is respectful of our clients’ time and bottom line. We can meet with you at one of our five office locations in the Dakotas and Minnesota, connect via video conferencing technology, or even come to you to discuss your legal needs. Contact us today to request a consultation.